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We are located in Vadodara city of Gujarat, India. We are equipped with the latest Machinery and Equipment. Cleem Enterprise is one of the most reliable manufacturers of SMPS Transformers, Current Transformers for Electronic Energy Meters (Known also as Static Energy Meters) and for protection, Line Filter coils, Chokes, Common Mode Chokes, Pulse Transformers, Coils / Solenoid Coils, Power Supply Laminated Transformers [0.5 VA to 5000 VA, 50/60 Hz], PCB mount Control Transformer, Current sense & Voltage sense Transformers, Relay coils, Air core Inductors, Input & Output filter Inductors. In general, all types of copper-wound components.



We, Cleem Enterprise consider ourselves as a leading manufacturing concern dealing in the entire spectrum of Inductive Components. We have established a reputation of providing quality products and manufacturing services of Inductive components.

We are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and a highly qualified team to handle the equipment to provide reliable low-cost Inductive Components. Our suite of machinery includes CNC Toroidal Winding Machines, CNC Linear Winding Machines, Semi-automatic winding machine, heavy-duty winding machine, baking oven, jigsaw machine, circular cutting machine, vacuum impregnation plant, LCR Meter, micro–ohm meter, HV tester, testing panels, etc. Cleem enterprise has an excellent background in handling Mu-metal (Mu-metal / Permalloy) cores and components.

Our credo has been to use the best material and convert them to components using efficient processes and machinery. We use the best magnetic materials, low loss laminations, Ferrite cores, Sendust core, Iron powder core, Mu- Metal (Permalloy / Nickel Iron) cores, including Class B & Class F Insulation and Copper for winding of all our products.

Growth & Achievement

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Started Exporting transformers and Inductive components worldwide.


Factory expansion for high volume production.


Became a 100% lead free product manufacturer.


Started manufacturing of all kinds of magnetics.


Started manufacturing of CTs for energy measurement.


Started manufacturing of High Frequency transformers for AC-DC circuits.


Started Manufacturing of Transformers for voltage stabilizers and Control panels up to 5 KVA.


Incorporation. Started manufacturing of Automatic Voltage Stabilizer

Product Winding

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